Julian Edelman Knocks Up Swedish Model Ella Rose


SOURCE–  New England Patriots star Julian Edelman may have pulled a Tom Brady … allegedly knocking up a smokin’ hot lady … and then moving on to date a world-famous supermodel.
TMZ Sports has learned … a Swedish model, named Ella Rose, has filed paternity docs in L.A. County Superior Court naming Edelman as the father of her unborn child.
Multiple sources tell us … Edelman and Rose have had a casual relationship for about 2 years — but nothing was ever official between the two of them.
Sources connected to the situation tell us Rose is 5 and a half months pregnant — and she’s very confident Edelman’s the daddy.
We reached out to Edelman’s agent — who was very nice, but said he wouldn’t comment on Edelman’s personal life.
As we previously reported, Edelman is getting close with Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima.

Uh oh! Looks like someones got a baby mama!!!

Ela RoseEla RoseEla Rose

Ela Rose

Super Bowl Champion? Check. Plays for the best team in the NFL? Check. Ridiculously good looking? Check. Knocks up a model? Check. Dumps her and starts dating a foreign super model? Check.

Who is it that can check off everything on this list? Why only Tom Brady and now Julian Edelman. I mean I know Edelman looks up to Brady but come on, you don’t have to copy everything the guy does. I guess when you are as hot as Brady and Edelman, it is almost impossible not to knock up every model that you give the time of day. All I am hoping is that this isn’t a distraction for Edelman for the season. Like what a bitch am I right? She has been prego for months now and she decides to drop this shit on Julian right before training camp?! Come on everyone knows that you take care of issues like this during the offseason. Seems like someone is trying to get some PR on this hmmmm.

Can we talk about something for a second that I don’t think people are talking about enough? Not only are the Patriots hands down the best team in the NFL, but best looking as well and it is not even close.

I mean this is the Dream(y) Team! And if you don’t think so then go look who they are dating.

Tom – Gisele Bundchen

Edelman – Adriana Lima

Danny – Olivia Culpo

Gronk – Camille Kostek

End of discussion.


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