David Ortiz Drives Around A Bunch Of Idiots Undercover For Lyft

I was actually talking about a topic similar to this with my roommate last night. I was arguing that there are a lot of girls out there who call themselves “Boston Fans” but could not name over 10 Boston athletes. This does not only prove my point, but it also shows that there are plenty of dudes out there as well. You legit have to either hate sports or a complete moron to not know that is Big Papi. Like I figure out once he looks at me, I don’t even need him to speak and I would know that that is Papi.

Also, every single one of those people that said Ortiz is their favorite athlete 100% only said that because of how much he is everywhere this season for his retirement. They probably only know him from those Dunkin commercials…

So thank you Lyft, thank you for proving my point and winning my argument for me. I really appreciate it.

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