Patriots Players Like Jamie Collins Shot At The Team On Instagram

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#repost @ajx5 #BetterDays ✊🏾

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SOURCE–   On Monday, former Patriots linebacker Jamie Collins posted a meme on Instagram that could logically be interpreted as a shot at his former team. If it was, his former coach probably won’t be happy with who liked it. 

Collins’ graphic read “I may not be where I need to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be.” The caption included the hashtag “#BetterDays,” and he tagged former Pats defensive lineman Anthony Johnson in the post, with Johnson retweeting the link on Twitter. 

Other former and current Patriots liked the post on Instagram, including New England safety Duron Harmon and defensive end Jabaal Sheard. Former Pats to like the post included Chandler Jones and Alfonzo Dennard.


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Well isn’t that interesting. Jamie Collins had friends in the locker room, who would have guessed?? It is almost like he wasn’t a locker room cancer that some people in the media tried to play him off to be.

Listen, I don’t understand the Collins trade and I never will. Why give up a All-Pro player for nothing when you are struggling on Defense and are trying to make a run to the Super Bowl. Never in all my life have I ever seen a title contender be a seller at a trade deadline. But that is why Bill is Bill. When everyone else zigs he zags. I just hate the smear campaign that took place once Jamie left the building. Fuck Mike Lombardi. Jamie Collins is a great player and will continue to be one.

I find it hilarious that Patriot players would actually go and like this picture though. I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised after looking at the stuff they said after the deal.

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