Patriots Give Us The Best Christmas Present By Murdering The Jets 41-3

Another week, another Patriots blow out. I know you are all wanting to ask me, “Casey, don’t you get bored of watching blow out after blow out when you already know the Patriots are going to not only win but demolish who ever they play?” The answer is no, never. I will never ever ever get bored of watching the greatest franchise in sports do what they do best, and that is steamroll their opponent. Sure, close competitive games are fun, but as a Patriots fan, you only get 1 or 2 of those during the regular season. I know we say it all the time and non Patriots fans get all worked up whenever we say it, but the regular season really is just a long preseason. It is 16 games that you just hope to stay healthy for and get through without too much damage. Because the real fun starts in January. Thats when things matter. Thats where careers are made and legends are born. So bring on Miami and then the real fun starts. The road to Houston. We’re on to Miami.


P.S.    Sorry for not going into depth about the game the reason for it is 1) Vine suspended my account because Roger Goodell is a son of a bitch and hates social media 2) It was an absolute blow out and 3) I am on holiday bitch


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