Celtics Trade Rumors On Rumors On Rumors πŸ‘€


So here we are, days away from the NBA Trade Deadline and things are already going crazy. It all started last night when Isaiah Thomas dropped this bomb on Twitter.

Like I said in my article last night, if you don’t remember, Isaiah tweeted the same exact thing 3 hours before the news broke that Al Horford had signed with the Celtics this summer.

Obviously Isaiah’s tweet sent all of Twitter into a frenzy. There were plenty of speculations, fake Woj tweets (which I fell for), and rumors on rumor. I as well as many Celtics fans stayed up all night, waiting for something, anything! While everyone was focused on Jimmy Butler, things began to take a turn for the the worst. Yes, I am talking about Carmelo Anthony rumors…

Things started getting a little crazy. Everyone was freaking out just waiting holding our breath for a Woj bomb. Even the Celtics Assistant GM had something to add to the conversation.

I know, I know, we are all suckers. This kinda shit happens every single year with the C’s at the deadline and they don’t do anything. But Boogie just moved and no one saw that coming right?!

And we waited and waited, and stayed up later than some of us would like to admit, and the only ‘bomb’ we got for the rest of the night was this by Jae Crowder.

Sunglasses?! Does that mean he is heading to the Sunshine state?! He is laughing, does that mean he is excited to be back with his former teammate Jimmy Butler?! Is he just fucking with us?!?!?! Who knows.

After all I finally came to a conclusion. It must be so much fun for these players to fuck with fans during these deadlines. I mean one stupid emoji turned into roughly 1,436 articles and 3,234,634 tweets written last night. I mean some of the players were just laughing at us.

At what point do we just give up and come to the realization that we got got?

I mean what can a guy believe? We are out here scratching and clawing for anything we can to get an idea on what is going to happen. The NBA has us hooked. There is no trade deadline quite like the NBA’s.

So we wake up hoping that Woj FINALLY dropped something, and the only thing we get is this.

Andre Drummond not only tweets out the eyeballs emoji but also RETWEETS Isaiah’s from last night! Are the Celtics actually targeting Drummond?! There were rumors last week that he was available. Is this the big move that Celtics fans have been waiting for? Who knows. But the rumors didn’t stop with him, no no no no. Drummond was not the last one to be thrown into this debacle. And then there were the Blake Griffin rumors…

There is too much going on here and my heart can only take to much. The Celtics have rumors all over the place and there are to many possibilities. I have no idea what I want them to do. I also know they don’t care what I want them to do. I think that Blake Griffin is the best player out of these players, but he is a free agent after this season. Drummond is a great player who is signed long term and a great rebounder, but makes a lot and can’t shoot and Β clogs the floor. Jimmy Butler is a great fit but does he make you better than Cleveland? Do any of these players make you better than Cleveland?! I don’t know. Is just keeping the picks and drafting and waiting for LeBron to slow down really the best option? This is too much to think about. God speed Danny Ainge, god speed.



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