The Boston Bruins Are Playoff Bound!

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?! YESSS!!! Your Boston Bruins are headed to the Stanley Cup Playoffs after 3 long years. I didn’t think it was going to happen, I am not going to lie. Until they fired Claude and went on that winning streak under Bruce Cassidy, I really didn’t see it happening. I just saw the same bullshit 2 years in a row where the team fought to get right on the bubble and then puke all over themselves when it really mattered. Shitting the bed when they needed a win to push them into the Playoffs.

Honestly, these last 2 years have SUCKED. There is nothing quite like Playoff Hockey and looking in for the outside the last 2 seasons has drained a lot of the excitement out of this fanbase, myself included. But as someone who played hockey growing up and has been a fan of this team since the day I was born, I can not wait for some Bean Town Playoff Hockey.

Last night hands down was the biggest game of the season. Win and you make the playoffs. Lose and you might have another pointless season. The last 2 years when the team has been in this situation, they blew it. This game really showed who this years team really is. Nut up or shut up time. And oh did this team nut up. The Bruins out played Tampa from puck drop to the final buzzer. Tuukka stood on his head and got the shutout. And there were plenty of goals on the other side of the ice.

And when the zeros hit the clock and the game was over, the Garden was SHAKING!

The Bruins are going BACK to the Stanley Cup Playoffs! Now lets keep this 6 game winning streak going and win home ice!!! HIT THE MUSIC!!!

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