Bruins Ink Charlie McAvoy To 3-Year Entry-Level Contract

IT’S HAPPENING GUYS!!! IT IS REALLY HAPPENING!!! Charlie McAvoy is a Boston Bruin. He is practicing with the team this morning after signing his 3 year rookie deal and I for one am excited. Sure, it kinda sucks that we are going to be burning a year of his cheap rookie deal. However, We aren’t playing the Caps, we are playing a beatable Ottawa. So you have to put the best possible team out there and go all in. If Charlie becomes as good as we think he is going to be, then we are going to have to pay him regardless and they will. So fuck it, bring me our stud future #1 Defensemen. I can’t wait to see this kid play. I fell in love with the him when he was lights out during the World Juniors. He was hands down the best player on the ice. And I for one can’t wait to see him in the Playoffs.


Now lets talk about the bad part of this. This could mean that the Bruins are worried that they will be without either or both Torey Krug and Brandon Carlo. I am not gunna sugar coat it, that is in fact not good. The Bruins are going to hurt bad without those guys and even adding Charlie won’t make up for it. Let’s hope I am wrong and both guys are healthy for this series. But here we go, the B’s lucked out big time that Toronto lost last night and now we get the Sens. Game 1 starts Wednesday night and I already can’t wait. LFG!!! START THE DUCK BOATS!!!


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