Markelle Fultz Is In Boston And Is Meeting With The Celtics Today

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I am so excited and I don’t care who knows!!! Markelle Fultz, the consensus 1st overall pick in this years NBA Draft, is in Boston today meeting with Danny Ainge and the Celtics and working out. Obviously this isn’t really news, the Celtics have been working out many players, but this one has me ready to run through a wall.

The Celtics need to draft Markelle Fultz. They need to. However, this is Danny Ainge we are talking about. While I know everyone just assumes that Danny will take the #1 prospect, I get nervous when people say things like this.

It honestly keeps me awake at night. Not that I think Danny likes Jackson more than Fultz, but because Danny will take Jackson 1st overall. Think about it, in the last couple of drafts, Danny has seemed to draft players a little higher than their projected draft spot. Guys like Terry Rozier and Guerschon Yabusele were both picked 16th overall, which was much higher than they were projected. Hell, the whole TD Garden booed the Jaylen Brown pick last year because they thought Danny reached and should have taken Kris Dunn, who had a pretty rocky rookie season. All 3 of these players seem to be good picks, however, Danny could have taken a page out of Belichick’s playbook and traded back and gotten better value. But Danny stood pat and took the pick. I am nervous that he will do the same if his target is actually Jackson. This is why these workouts are so important.


I am currently praying that Danny falls in love with Markelle Fultz and takes him 1st overall. He is the franchise player that this team has been looking for. Not only is he is the best prospect in this draft, but also better than last years draft

“I had a conversation with on GM recently who told me that if Markelle Fultz was in  last year’s draft, he would’ve gone No. 1,” Chris Mannix told Toucher & Rich on Thursday. “And Ben Simmons, he’s a guy that’s looked like a great player for a long time. And [the GM] thought Markelle Fultz would’ve gone ahead of Ben Simmons.”

AND next years draft

So not only did the Celtics luck out by being about to select the best player in this years draft, but by selecting Fultz, they would be getting the best prospect in 3 different drafts.

This is just too good of an opportunity to pass up and not select Markelle. But until then, I will have nightmares of Danny Ainge selecting anyone but Fultz with the 1st pick. Trading the pick away for a veteran like Paul George or Jimmy Butler is not worth it. Look how far away we are behind the Cavs. And then look how far they are away from the Warriors. It is time to secure your franchise player for the foreseeable future. Take Fultz 1st overall this year, next year draft a big man with high lotto pick that you have from Brooklyn (CC: DeAndre Ayton). And then team them up with last years #3 pick in Jaylen Brown. This model seemed to work fine for the Warriors.


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