Tom Brady Showing Off His Pliability Tearing Up The Field With Some Dance Moves

What a strange week it has been in New England. Half of Patriot fans out there are freaking out after the 2 game losing streak. The other half is still saying wake me up before the AFC Championship game. Myself, I am right on the verge of getting nervous. When I say that, I am speaking of the Defense, not Tom Brady and the lack of Offense.

You wanna know why I am not nervous about the Offense? Because of that click of our fearless leader dancing his ass off today at practice. Does Brady look nervous? Hell no. He is having a great time messing around and spending half of practice learning James White’s signature touchdown dance. He even went to say he might bust it out this weekend if he gets into the end zone.

By the way, Tom is a liar. There is no way he just started working on those dance moves today. Do I need to show you examples of Tom’s old dancing skills??

Tom Brady must have been working on those dance moves for months. Now I know what he was doing during OTAs.

The Patriots are going to be fine. This Offense will be fine. Tom Brady will be fine. This team is not going to lose to the Dolphins. Mami is a fraud 3-0 team. They have beaten the Titans, the Jets, and the Raiders. Oh ya, and two of them were at home. Brady is going to dance all over the Dolphins this Sunday being back in Foxborough after a long 2 game road stretch. And if Brady’s new dance moves didn’t convince you this Offense is going to bounce back, remember, Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon are coming.

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