Michael J. Fox Rocking Out To Johnny B. Goode With Coldplay

That’s it. It’s official. I can die a happy man now. I am one of the biggest Back to the Future fans you will ever meet and nothing has made me happier this morning than seeing Marty McFly jam out to Johnny B. Goode like it’s 1986 (more like 1955 am I right?!). I love to see Michael J. Fox out there kicking ass. From a guy who thinks Back to the Future is one of the best trilogies of all time and has seen every episode of Spin City, seeing this nostalgia kicks in times 100.

P.S.    Honestly though, where does this rank on the best events to ever happen in MetLife Stadium? It has to be up there. I mean when your major sporting events are the Jets and the Giants, anything is up from there. Besides the one Sunday of the year the Patriots visit, this must be the main event for New Yorkers.

And you’re welcome.

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