Morning Hardwood: Jaylen Brown Hype Video

It’s the dog days of summer. The NBA Summer League just ended, college football is still over a month away, the NFL preseason still hasn’t started, hell we can’t even get any training camp Vines of a player who now after that play in practice gets buzz about maybe having a “breakout season”. We are all just stuck with Baseball. It’s dire times like this us sports fans have to break out the old YouTube clips to get our fix. Come on, we all have certain videos that we have watched one too many times just to get the blood flowing again. For me, it has been this video. I swear I have probably watched this video 100 times since the draft. I don’t care if you liked the pick at the time, watch this video and try to tell me you aren’t excited to see this kid in green this season. YOU CAN’T! Everything Jaylen Brown has done and said so far has made me love this kid.

From his comments right after getting drafted:

To his play in the Summer League:

To his quote the other night:

I’m all in on Jaylen Brown.


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