David Pastrnak Displays His Hands Playing Street Hockey

Am I the only one who thought this video was hilarious? The first thing I thought of was that it was a spoof of the other #88, Patrick Kane, in that Bauer ad a couple years ago.

Anyways watching this video gave me so much nostalgia. Bringing back memories of grabbing the nets and starting pick up games with everyone in the neighborhood. Those were the days. The only thing that would stop us from playing all day would be the occasional car that drove by and the sun going down. Street hockey was a staple of my childhood. I can say though as someone who played ice hockey their whole life, FUCK those orange street hockey balls. Those things SUCKED! Thats what makes this video of Pastrnak so damn impressive. Those things were impossible to stick handle. I guess thats why he is in the show and I was a kid playing pick up with my friends.

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