Gronk And Coach Taylor To Appear In Family Guy

SOURCE– It is safe to call Kyle Chandler “Coach” again.

The Friday Night Lights alum (and Bloodline star) will voice Chris’ high school baseball coach on Family Guy, it was announced on Saturday at a Comic-Con panel for the animated Fox comedy. In the episode, Peter and Lois search for an outlet for Chris’ sudden aggression, only to find out that he’s actually a talented pitcher. Peter and his friends start betting on his games because everyone thinks Chris wouldn’t be very good at this, leading Peter to ask Chris to throw the championship game.

New England Patriots tight end/unstoppable party machine Rob Gronkowski will also pop up in an episode. Peter is delighted when Gronk moves into Peter’s neighborhood with his party bus, but Gronk’s crazy lifestyle ultimately proves too much for Peter, and he launches various schemes to drive Gronk and his party bus out of the neighborhood.


Gronk AND Coach Taylor?!?! Family Guy is pulling out the big guns for this season! Both of those episodes will be must watch TV. I am getting all giddy just thinking about it.

Also, it is official right? Gronk is the biggest star in football. It is not even close. The guy is everywhere. It kind of kills me because some of the shit Gronk does in all these ads and media appearances is so cheesy, but I can’t help to crack up every single time. He is just so goddamn likable. I don’t care if you aren’t a Patriots fan, how could you not love Gronk. Now we are taking Gronk and pairing him with Peter Griffin??? Hands down funniest 30 minutes of TV ever.

The Gronk episode might even be better than the Brady episode.

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