Kevin Durant Told Russell Westbrook He’d Re-sign With The Thunder


SOURCE– Kevin Durant said he had to distance himself from Russell Westbrook entering free agency. Yet, Durant listened to the Warriors recruiting him all season and had clearly been interested in Golden State for months.

The writing was on the wall.

Except, a few days before taking meetings in the Hamptons (which led to signing with the Warriors), Durant dined with Westbrook.

Royce Young of ESPN:

Three weeks ago, Kevin Durant’s sitting there at dinner, telling him “Hey, I’m coming back, man. Don’t worry about it.” And now, Russell Westbrook has been kind of thrown into this in having to decide his future a summer earlier than expected.

Kevin Durant, more so than even that, was telling people, “Hey, yeah, I mean I’m coming back.” Like I said in there, a week before Kevin Durant sat down in the Hamptons, he was in Oklahoma City ready to make an offer on a multi-million-dollar house. So, the guy was pretty serious about coming back, and then things turned rather quickly for him to leave. And there’s no doubt that the organization felt a little bit burned by this.

Maybe Durant said that. Maybe he meant it in the moment. Maybe he was just trying to appease someone he didn’t want to let down. Maybe he was unclear. Maybe Westbrook read too much into a more clear statement.

There’s a lot of room for imperfect recollection/interpretation. We’re dealing with human beings.

Don’t worry Russ, Kevin Durant lied to us too, Celtics fans are right there with you.

On a real note though, I don’t understand why people are giving KD such a hard time even if this is true. I do this stuff all the time! You are trying to get someone to go do something with you and you know they won’t say yes unless you lie about it a little bit. “No don’t worry bro your ex definitely won’t be at this party.” “Yeah you will totally be able to make it home in time don’t worry” “But everyone is going to be there”.

Lie lie lie lie. If it makes the situation easier for you? Lie. That’s what happened here. Westbrook probably called up Kevin to talk with him about him possibly leaving, and KD probably thought, “Shit, I was hoping I didn’t have to see him again…” If you can’t understand why KD would lie to Russ to keep him happy and not freak out when they were out to dinner while he is holding a steak knife, then you do not know how crazy Westbrook really is.

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