Kevin Faulk Inducted Into Patriots Hall Of Fame Wearing A Brady Jersey


What a guy. Yesterday was a huge day for Kevin Faulk, getting inducted into the Patriots Hall Of Fame, and what does he do? Support his goddamn quarterback. That right there is someone who has had Brady’s back his whole career, if it was in pass protecting make sure Tom didn’t get blindsided or if it was having his back by shoving Roger Goodell in a locker at the draft.

One hell of a teammate and one hell of a friend. That’s the kind of guy I want to go to war with.

And damn that TB12 jersey under a blazer is such a good look. I wish it was socially acceptable to rock that combo all the time. You best believe that if I could I would be rocking the Brady jersey / blazer to work every Monday after the Pats decimate all over whoever they played that Sunday. Hell I might just do it and see what happens. I am a big believer in ask for forgiveness, not permission.

P.S. How about Brady coming out hot matching Kevin rocking his jersey on stage. This just cements my feelings that Tom Brady is the best best friend anyone could ever ask for.

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