Start The Day With Blake Griffin Doing Standup

You’re telling me Blake is funny AND he can do this?!?

SIGN ME UP! #Blake2Boston

Come on Trader Danny work your magic! I need Blake Griffin in a Celtics uniform more than I need air to breath. That line up would be scary.

PG- Isaiah Thomas

SG- Avery Bradley

SF- Jae Crowder

PF- Blake Griffin

C- Al Horford

Bring me banner 18! Fuck the Cavs and the Warriors. C’s Up!

Now actually about the video, I though it was pretty good. I knew Blake Griffin had a good sense of humor from a couple Funny or Die videos he has done as well has his commercials and his interview on Barstool’s Pardon My Take. But stand up is a totally different beast. It takes balls to go up there and perform a whole routine. Sure he probably would have gotten pity laughs from the croup because it is Blake Griffin on stage but I thought overall his bit was pretty funny.

P.S. Imagine Blake out there with Jaylen Brown and Gerald Green oh my god, fuck FGCU, the Celtics would be the new Dunk City.

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