Red Sox Cancel David Ortiz Bobblehead Night After Figures Determined To Be ‘Racially Insensitive’

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SOURCE–   The Red Sox and David Ortiz must be vigorously shaking their heads Tuesday afternoon.

Fans attending Tuesday night’s Red Sox-Yankees game at Fenway Park were supposed to receive a David Ortiz bobblehead, part of the season-long celebration for the retiring Boston slugger.

But that promotion was cancelled by the team early in the afternoon when the figures arrived at Fenway Park and were determined to be “unacceptable” by the Red Sox.

Red Sox president Sam Kennedy told Peter Abraham of The Boston Globe that the bobbleheads, depicting Ortiz’s 2013 “This is our (expletive) city!” speech, were “racially insensitive.”

“It was an inaccurate portrayal of David. It doesn’t really look like David. No. 2, I personally thought it seemed to be an offensive portrayal of him and that the facial features were racially insensitive,” Kennedy said. “If I was feeling this way, certainly other people would. So we pulled the plug.”


Who the hell mad these bobbleheads? Were they blind or just stupid? Like how can you make thousands of these things and think the whole time that it was ok to give these bobbleheads out to the public? I mean look at it!

It doesn’t even look like Papi! And the W.B. Mason logo looks like a 3 year old tired coloring it in between the lines but ended up saying fuck it. Don’t even get me started about the name plate. Its not even straight!!! What kinda piss poor manufacturing company made these and tried to pass them off as decent craftsmanship?!



It’s not because it looks like someone made it when they were on a 3 day bender?

It’s because they think the bobbleheads are ‘Racially Insensitive’??

What a joke. Hey Red Sox, if you are really worried because the lips don’t match the skin color, maybe you should stop cheeping out on who you pay to make these things. I mean I know you guys might have to cut corners here and there because of all the “great” signings you guys have made, but if you are going to cheep out you gotta expect something like this.

With the way everyone these days make mountains out of molehills, I don’t blame thew Sox for nixing the promo. I just don’t understand why the had to tell people it was because they were racially insensitive. Why not just saying there was a manufacturing problem and call it a day.

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