CBC Commentators Mixed Up Ryan Lochte’s And Michael Phelps Lanes And Thought Lochte Won

This video doesn’t exist

“Uhh ohh. That’s on me guys, my bad.”

Hey at least the guy said sorry. We all do it ok, give the man a break. Swimming is hard to watch. They are under water the whole goddamn time, can’t see their faces. This is totally understandable. Maybe not, but still, he said sorry so this guy is good with me.

It’s gotta be tough to be a Canadian commentator at the olympics right now. Canada doesn’t win shit in the summer olympics. Hell do you even think the majority of Canadians even know the summer games are going on right now? I would say probably less than 10%. And it suck you know, out of that 10%, one asshole decided to tweet this video out and blow up this guys spot. I thought Canadians are supposed to be nice?

This video wouldn’t be that bad if this guy wasn’t sooo over the top about celebrating for Lochte.

“Lochte is finally going to do it! He’s going to beat Phelps! Phelps might not even podium!”

Like it would have been one thing if he just announced Ryan won, but he HAD to go beyond the line of duty and shit on Phelps. Hey you can’t win them all Canada. (I mean you can try to win some tho..)

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.03.53 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.04.25 AM

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