Red Sox Fan With The Best Foul Ball Celebration Ever


This guy is ELECTRIC! Does he catch the foul ball? No, not exactly. Well actually it kinda just lands near him and he picks it up, but don’t tell this guy. He loses his fucking mind! If I saw this clip out of context, I would have thought this guy just won the World Series. Hey this might be the defining moment in this guys life. It’s a Friday night, the Sox are killing the Arizona, and this guy just caught a fowl ball. That’s it, game over, he can die a happy man right now. I know this saying gets thrown around a lot these days, but this man right here is in fact my spirit animal.

That being said it was a very productive weekend from the Sox after shoving Arizona in a locker over and over and over again. I guess you always walk away with a good feeling when you put up 16 on a team. Mookie Betts with the 3 homers to put a cap on a great weekend. He is going to win the MVP don’t @ me.

On that note, we are only 2 games back from 1st place. Lets keep them rollin boys! Hit the music!

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