That’s It, I Am A PK Subban Fan After Watching This Video Of Him Rapping

Ok so let me set this straight. I never hated PK Subban. I hated playing him and hated how well he played when he faced off against the Bruins, but I never hated him. Actually the exact opposite. I love PK Subban. He is so good and so clutch and has a great personality off the ice. Watching Road to the Winter Classic last year it only confirmed what I thought, PK is the man. The Canadiens were morons to trade him for Shea Weber. There is no question about that. And as a Bruins fan, you have to love that we we will no longer have to worry about him during our showdowns with Montreal.

PK Subban is a superstar. One of the best defenseman in the league and is a star on and off the ice. And it seems like he now hates the Habs as much as I do.

This video doesn’t exist

So lets all give a little shout out to the Habs management for fucking up big time and making sure that we never have to worry about this ever again.

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