The Jimmy Vesey Sweepstakes Has Begun: Meets With Bruins Tomorrow

SOURCE–   Hobey Baker Award winner Jimmy Vesey becomes a unrestricted free agent at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, and, according to sources close to the ex-Harvard star, has narrowed the list of teams he’ll speak with to about six. Starting tomorrow, Vesey will meet with the Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Sabres, New York Rangers, New Jersey Devils and a lone Western Conference club, the Chicago Blackhawks.

The financial terms that teams will offer are fairly standard — a two-year deal worth some $925,000 per year, with the potential to add up to $2.85 million per year in performance bonuses. So the teams coming to Boston over the next couple of days will pitch Vesey on why they’d be his best choice: Citing factors like the strength of their roster and the chance to win a Stanley Cup, the role he’ll be asked to play, the quality of their coach and the desirability of their home city.

Vesey, a Charlestown native who grew up in North Reading, is a lifelong Bruins fan, which could aid the B’s cause. His dad, ex-Bruin Jim, is a scout for the Maple Leafs, which could help that team. And Vesey is good friends with young Buffalo star Jack Eichel of North Chelmsford. Those factors and many more no doubt will be part of the 23-year-old’s decision. A source in the Vesey camp said the decision will be announced Thursday or Friday


We have waited all summer, but it is finally here. Jimmy Vesey is a free agent. From what I have heard, the Bruins have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow with Vesey and all I can do right now is cross my fingers (And stalk Bob McKenzie’s Twitter account).

I know I wrote about all these teams before, but if I had to come up with the team that scares me the most from stealing Vesey away from the B’s, it has to be Chicago. The Blackhawks have something that all of these other teams don’t. They have two of the top 5 players in the league. Not only that, but they both play different positions than Jimmy. Vesey is a Left Winger and you know that Chicago is going to pitch him the idea of playing on a line with Center Jonathan Toews and Right Winger Patrick Kane. That is a hard pitch to beat.

If you are the Bruins you have to tell Jimmy today that if he stays in Boston, he will be able to play with the man who I believe is the best Center in the league in Patrice Bergeron and opposite to Brad Marchand. It might not be quite as good as Toews and Kane, but for sure right up there.

You have to let him know that the Bruins really value home grown players and know that he can be a star in Boston. Because lets face it, he wants to make money. And because of the way that the NHL does it, he has to sign for the same amount where ever he goes on a rookie contract. So he wants to make sure he goes to a team that when he does hit free agency, will set him up to make the most money. When you look at Vesey’s past, you can see that he turned down top collegiate power houses like BU and BC to play at Harvard because he thought it would give him the best chance to succeed at the college level. And after winning the Hobey Baker award this year, his decision paid off.

Jimmy, I know you are reading this because you are a huge Binge Sports fan, just like every other Boston dude, so listen to me, make the right decision. Sign with the Bruins. Lets win that Cup.

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