USF Pitches Its Academics To Big 12, Misspells Research


SOURCE–    The University of South Florida is one of about 20 schools pitching itself to be the next member of the Big 12 Conference and it’s doing so by touting itself a great research university.

However, while making that pitch, the school spelled the word “research” incorrectly.

There it is, in the paragraph under the bolded paragraph, “reasearch.” Luckily for the school, this copy of the pitch obtained by the Tampa Bay Times had not officially been submitted. The spelling error has since been corrected. But the ever-vigilant internet spelling and grammar police was quick with the screenshot, the criticism and the jokes and there’s no possible way someone in the Big 12 faction didn’t see the blunder.

Will it matter? Probably not. Being able to spell the word research doesn’t help you get into the College Football Playoff, but it’s not exactly the best way to stand out from the pack. Well, in a good way anyway.

Not the best start for USF here, huh? Personally, I think spelling is overrated. I spell shit wrong all the time so I am not one to talk. But if you are pitching your school because of its academics, then ya might want to make sure you don’t misspell anything. Especially in the first sentence. That’s something you might wanna look out for. It is one thing if you are Alabama and pitching your football dominance and sweeping your academics under the rug, but if you are going to go the other way, misspelling shit isn’t a great look.

I can’t fucking wait for the Big 12 to expand. I need a championship game in that conference like I need air to breath. Like who ever thought it was a good idea to not have a championship game? What is this the fucking EPL?! Get the fuck out of here with that shit. I also can’t wait to see the next moves after the expansion. Which ever conference get their teams poached are going to have to race to replace them. I want some chaos.

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