Patriots Preview: Preseason Week 2 vs The Bears

Week 2 of training camp is in the books and after a long week of joint practices, the Patriots look to cap it off in a game against the Bears. The Patriots had a looonngggg week of practice that had some good, some bad highlights. Tensions were high and so was the competitive level. We had good news and bad news on injuries. Lets get into it.


Joint Practices: The Injury Bug 

We started off the week with some good new on the injury front. Nickovich and Mitchell returned to practice and seemed to both be ok this week. Nickovich returning early from his torn tricep and Mitchell from his hyperextended elbow.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the news. Both were expected to miss at least 4 weeks. And by some act of god here they are not even a week into their injuries. I hope they are not rushing back to camp and are truly ok, but I don’t think either of them would be that stupid. I have no idea what they have in the water down in Foxborough, but keep it flowing. Oh and hey, how about giving some of that water to Gronk why we are at it? The injury prone Tight End made me shit my pants when he left practice after limping off the field.

That picture is 1 million percent what I looked like when the news popped up on my phone. It reminded me of the same exact feeling I had when Gronk got hurt last season in Denver. My stomach dropped and I felt like I was going to puke. I am pretty that was because of Gronk and not the vodka I switched to during the 4th quarter. Anyways, I was freaking out, couldn’t stop checking Twitter all day for updates. And I finally was relieved when I saw this tweet.

Fuck that was close. I know I said it before, but can we please just put Gronk in some bubble wrap and keep him like that for the rest of the preseason please? Not only will this help with Gronk’s physical health, but my mental health as well. Thx.

Well I already said earlier that tensions were high during joint practices with the Bears. But I think a better term to use would be chippy. Fights were popping up left and right during this week’s practices. Stork was head butting people (prob not smart for a guy with concussion issues IMO), Edelman was getting cheap shots by Bear cornerbacks, former Bear Marty Bennett was getting into the face mask of Lamarr Houston. And then there was the brawl that all started from Butler and Alshon…

From what I heard Alshon was getting the better of Butler that day and Butler was not happy about it. Bill was pissed at Malcolm and kicked him out of practice right away. John Fox on the other hand had Alshon stand on the sideline for a series, then out comes Jeffery out with the next series. You know Fox must have been embarrassed that his coaches don’t have rules for this kinda shit because he ended up kicking Jeffery out of practice later on. There is a reason why the Patriots are the Patriots and the Bears are the Bears. ☕️🐸   It looks like the Long brothers had to keep their head on a swivel during this week with all the fights.

Talking about the Longs, it looks like Chris Long popped this week with Sheard, Nink, McClellin out. Which is great to hear about a guy last week people were wondering if he could be a surprise cut at the end of camp. He really stood out to me in the first preseason game. He has a really explosive first step and was so fucking quick. His reaction speed really impressed me too. The way he was able to read out a screen pass, backtrack, and tackle the running back for a loss.

Also it is great to see that Flowers got a lot of work this week after the dominate performance he put up during the first preseason game. He was all over the place. He showed great burst and strength for a edge guy that isn’t the tallest out there standing at 6’2″. But damn he he pop off the screen last Thursday. Highlighted of course by his sack, scoop, and score.

Mitchell wasn’t the only wide receiver who returned to practice. Julian Edelman also returned to his normal self, tearing up the Bears secondary. I saw around a million tweet from people at camp talking about how Edelman was cutting and running like he was in mid-season form. Which is exactly what you wanna hear about your number 1 wide receiver especially when your all pro Tight End gets banged up.



Tonight’s Game: Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Can someone please explain this too me? Why the fuck is Brady starting tonight? What the fuck is one series going to do for Brady? Do we really think that one drive without Gronk, Edelman, Amendola, and part of the starting O Line is going to help Brady when he comes back WEEK 5 against THE BROWNS?!?! Fuck no. Why would we take away any snaps from Jimmy. Crucial snaps against the #1’s on the Bears defense. Jimmy needs all the snaps we can give him. Especially ones as the STARTER! You don’t think this will help Jimmy starting games, instead of relieving Brady? We need Jimmy to take control of this team. To step up and be the leader of this offense for 4 weeks. I want Jimmy thinking that this is his chance to win THIS job. I don’t want Jimmy acting all nice trying not to upset Tom, I want him to want Tom to know that he thinks he can take Toms job.

There is a video of Tom’s friend telling a story about after his rookie season, they were playing catch and Brady tells him he is going to beat out Drew Bledsoe this year. Be aware this was after being the 3rd string quarterback the year before. THAT is what I want from Jimmy. I want him to want it. So you wanna know what? I hope this eats at Jimmy tonight and he lights it up out there.

Kickoff starts at eight and you know I will be watching every snap until its over. I don’t care if it’s preseason or the Super Bowl. Lets go Pats.


Jk Brady isn’t playing. I just wrote all of that for nothing. I just got Belichicked so hard.

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