Jimmy Vesey Signs With The Rangers


Well that fucking sucks. God damn it. This one kinda hurts. Jimmy is a Boston kid and for him to string us along like this just fucking sucks. I really wanna know why he picked the Rangers over staying in Boston. I mean playing with Chris Kreider and Kevin Hayes has to be a big reason for it. More of a pull than playing with fucking Jimmy Hayes who might have told Vesey not to come to Boston. Which if it is true means we need to cut his ass right now. You don’t sabotage your own team like that.

Jimmy Vesey is a fucking Harvard nerd. He wouldn’t fit in in Boston anyways. That’s why he went to Harvard instead of BU or BC. Fucking nerd. He is lucky he didn’t come here or someone on the team would have shoved his ass in a locker.

Guys it is official. I am mad online. I am so mad I am about to buy a custom Vesey Bruins jersey from the pro shop just so I can burn that shit.

Thats it. I am done. Just bought a 30 of Bud Light Patriot cans and about to drink enough to make me forget about Vesey.


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