Start The Day With Every Jimmy Garoppolo Throw From Week 2

There we go! That’s what I want to see! Jimmy G slinging the rock all over the Bears dead bodies. 16-21, 181 yards, 1 TD pass; led team to 20 points on 6 drives. Now that is how you respond to a ‘ehhh’ game last week. The best part about this? Jimmy had no idea he was starting until right before the game.

Oh boy, looks like Belichick pulled the ole pop quiz on Jimmy G last night. And guess what? My boy passed with flying colors. (Thank you thank you, the back button is right near the address bar).

Anyways you had to love what Jimmy gave you last night if you are a Pats fan. And you have to think that he will only get better before Week 1 comes around. He just needs more snaps to get comfortable. If it wasn’t for a red zone Brandon Bolden fumble and 3 straight goal line handoffs to Tyler Gaffney that got stuffed, this performance by Jimmy would look even better! Can we talk about that touchdown pass to AJ Derby. I am not going to sugar coat it, but my pants might have gotten a little tighter after I saw that one.

Jimmy G is 2-0 this season. Only 6 more W’s to go. ROCK ON!

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