Isaiah Thomas Got Married This Weekend In Seattle

Looks like my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, right Isaiah? There is no way that I didn’t get invited to this. Or maybe he was just looking out for me cause he knew I couldn’t fly to Seattle that weekend. Either way, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at this wedding. I have never been to a wedding before, unless you count the one that I walked by when I was going to grab a bite to eat the other weekend at Marina Bay. But damn, a wedding with the whole (and ex) Celtics AND Floyd Mayweather?  Now I know a good time and that is 100% one of them.

(Sully lookin thin doe)

Damn I can’t even imagine how much fun that must have been. I picture it something like this.

Actually, I take it back. I wish I could be at the bachelor party. You just know Floyd showed up with like 100 stripper that were all straight 10’s. I mean thats just the minimum you have to do when you are Money Mayweather. Holy shit, that bachelor party must have been unreal. Someone must have had a gopro strapped to their heads that night or something right? I would pay a stupid amount of money to watch what happened. I am getting depressed just thinking about it.


P.S.   Amir from the top rope with the braids!!! Does this mean that the Celtics have the best front court in the league now? YUP! You can keep Blake Griffin LA. Give us banner 18 now cause no way we are loosing with that hairdo!!!

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