Should The Patriots Target Josh Gordon?

SOURCE–   The three teams that make the most sense for Josh Gordon: Gordon had a breakout year in 2013, but had played just 242 snaps over the past two seasons thanks to suspensions. The second half to his 2013 season was incredible, including racking up 498 yards over two games at one point, and he finished the year second to only Calvin Johnson with an average of 2.68 yards per route run (our yards per route run metric takes into account yards when compared with the number of pass routes a player runs, giving a better indication of production that receiving yards alone).

Given his history, trading for Gordon is a risk for any team, but here are three teams who could benefit by adding him ahead of the 2016 season.

1. New England Patriots: The Patriots have been willing to take chances on players with behavioral question marks in the past, with wide receiver Randy Moss the most successful story in that regard. Moss scored 23 touchdowns and finished the regular season as our fifth-highest-graded wide receiver in 2007, and now might be the time to add another top end wide receiver to boost the Patriots offense for Tom Brady’s return after his own four-week suspension. Julian Edelman was our 15th highest rated receiver last year at 86.5, and he could continue to have success on underneath routes, while Gordon could be the downfield threat. It’s a move that would be risky, but the Patriots have a history of making these moves work. New England ranked No. 1 in our offseason ranking of all 32 NFL receiving corps, and Gordon would only improve that.



Does this sound familiar to anyone? Patriots trade for troubled #1 wide receiver who has elite skills but has behavior issues? Anyone? Bueller?

SIGN ME UP! I am all in on Josh Gordon. I love what I have seen of the kid. His playing style almost reminds me of Randy Moss. He has sprinters speed but is such a smooth athlete. He makes everything look easy.

Get him in the program. Bill will clean him up. This makes too much sense not to make this trade. I just don’t know if the Browns do it. It’s not like they couldn’t use Josh Gordon on their team. Even though they did just draft another Baylor wide receiver in the first round this summer. And Terrelle Pryor has looked pretty good for Cleveland this preseason.

I pray, I pray that Cleveland pulls another stupid move and gives Gordon to us. I PRAY TO GOD! The Browns could start to be the Patriots new developmental team. We took Sheard and Dion Lewis from them last year and that worked out pretty well. Give me Josh Gordon and give him to me yesterday.

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