Patriots Trade For Former 6th Overall Pick LB Barkevious Mingo

Now that’s what I am talking about! Patriots once again prove to be the smartest team in the league and everyone else is a million miles behind us. Oh, you have a #6 overall pick that you don’t want? Oh he plays bad on your joke of a team? Oh fine I guess we will take him. Yeah we will give you a 6th round pick just to help you guys out.

Bwahahahaha!!! This is why we are a dynasty and you are the laughing stock of the league. Imagine if the Browns had good players like Mingo, Jabaal Sheard, and Dion Lewis? They would be nasty! Ohhh…. wait….

I said it yesterday and I will say it again. The Browns are the Patriots new developmental team. We took Sheard and Lewis from them last year, now Mingo.

Really though this is a great trade for the Patriots, even if he still doesn’t live up to his draft stock. The Patriots are hurt pretty bad at the DE/OLB position with Jabaal Sheard, Rob Ninkovich and Shea McClellin all banged up right now. Mingo is similar to Ninkovich/McClellin and will fill in for that roll. This is a low risk, high reward trade for the Pats and that is exactly what they do every single year. It amazes me that teams still trade with Bill.  I mean this kid was A FREAK coming out of college, I have to think that Bill will be able to get the best out of him.

Lets go. The Road to the Super Bowl: One for the Thumb.

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