College Football Is Back. Which Means Hype Videos Are Back.

It’s here guys! Real football! Like games that actually matter!!! My heart is racing. College Football is back!! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE College Football. The big plays, the tradition, the rivalries, the importance of every game. College Football has it all. And lucky for you, I have a list of the ‘can not miss’ games of weekend.

  1. No. 3 Oklahoma vs. No. 15 Houston – Saturday, September 3, 12:00 PM on ABC
  2. No. 20 USC vs. No. 1 Alabama – Saturday, September 3, 8:00 PM on ABC
  3. No. 5 LSU vs. Wisconsin – Saturday, September 3, 3:30 PM on ABC
  4. Texas A&M vs No. 16 UCLA – Saturday, September 3, 3:30 PM on CBS
  5. Texas vs No. 10 Notre Dame – Sunday, September 4, 7:30 PM on ABC

There is nothing I am looking forward to more than to sit on my couch and do nothing but watch football all Saturday. Because lets face it, doing things are overrated. Give me football, beer, and gambling and I will be a happy man.

P.S.   I couldn’t include it in the list, but we have some big time football games for our local teams. UMass is traveling down to the swamp to take on No. 25 Florida under the lights. Game starts at Saturday, September 3, 7:30 PM on SEC Network.

Also, Boston College heads to Dublin Ireland to play in the Aer Lingus College Football Classic against Georgia Tech Saturday, September 3, 7:30 AM on ESPN2.

Big time match ups for both teams before they face off against each other Week 2 for the Battle of the Bay State.

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