Peyton Manning Makes A Terrible Tom Brady Deflategate Joke At The Rob Lowe Roast

That was just the worst. THE WORST. On so many levels, I do not know where to even begin.

First of all, the joke was horrible. A 0 out of 1,000,000. The delivery, the monotone voice, everything about the joke. You could have not done a worst job Peyton. And it KILLS me that all those comedians on stage played up the joke and laughed at it. Like come on. If that was anyone else but Peyton Manning and if he wasn’t on TV you would not laughed. No one would.

Second of all, uhhh hey Peyton, weren’t you the one who was just accused of taking HGH? Are you really sure you wanna go at Brady with Deflategate?? Ever heard of the expression ‘People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’?

God I hate Peyton Manning. He is just the worst. Nothing makes me more pissed off that he was able to ride off into the sunset with a Super Bowl ring from a game that he hurt his team more than he helped. It drives me up a wall. Peyton Manning’s 2015 Super Bowl ring is equal to Trent Dilfer’s Super Bowl ring. End of story.

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