The Colin Kaepernick Anthem Controversy Is Coming To Madden 17

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.54.55 AM

I, like most football fans under 40, bought Madden 17 last week, just like how I bought Madden 16 the year before, and Madden 15 the year before and so on. It is a sickness. I dish out a couple of hundred dollars every year for sport games for what, updated rosters?? I mean it is crazy when I think about it, but I can’t help it. It doesn’t matter if the only new part of the game is the rosters, I would still buy these fucking games. But the rosters are not the only part of the game that is new. No, while they didn’t really update the graphics or anything like that, they did change….. wait for it….. THE COMMENTATORS!!!!

Ok, it doesn’t sound that cool but it actually is pretty awesome. I noticed it right away when I started playing the game. I pick the Patriots and out comes running Jimmy Garoppolo. I start playing and I notice how the commentators are talking about how well Jimmy has performed in the first 2 preseason games. Later that game they started talking about current events like Usain Bolt and how he would fit into football. I can not stress this enough, I LOVE this new feature. It ads so much to the game and gives it such a realistic feel.

However, things like this never came across my mind. Not only am going to be sick of this Kaepernick storyline every time I watch football this fall, but I also will be getting fucked by this story whenever I play Madden. I will never hear the end of this shit! All I plan on doing this fall is watch football, play Madden, and read Twitter. And now all three of those will be blasting this Kap story. I am already sick of this shit. So thanks a lot Madden, you have become too realistic. I feel like this is about to be some terminator type shit. We have made the technology to advanced. It is times like this I might need to boot up the old Xbox 360 and stick to my NCAA 14 thank you very much.

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