Johnny Manziel Returns to Texas A&M And Is Taking Classes

SOURCE–   Johnny Manziel vowed to his mom and dad that he’d graduate from college … and that’s why he re-enrolled at Texas A&M.

We asked Johnny — who left college after 3 years to enter the NFL draft in ’14 — about reports he’d signed up for classes at his alma mater.

Johnny confirmed he has already started class … saying he “enrolled not too long ago.”

But why go back?

“I’m trying to get back to my roots. I need to get my degree like I told my parents I would,” Manziel told us.
No word on the how many classes J.M. needs to graduate … or if attending school will affect his pursuit of a return to the NFL.


I am happy for Johnny. I really am. Good for him. He is finally using his brain. And I am not saying that like he is smart to get a degree because he is going to need it in life. No I am saying this is the exact kind of good PR he needs. Get out of the clubs, get away from the media, go back to school. Show everyone you can get your life back together. I am a giant Johnny Football fan, and I really thought he would be great in the NFL like he was in college. But he happened to go to the worst franchise in the league and was with a coach that did not want him. He got bored and fed up with not playing and got stupid. But I am not closing that book. No, I am not giving up on my dude. Johnny will have a comeback, and this is a great first step. Hopefully he can some how help out with the Football team why he is their, keep working out and keep slinging the rock. Johnny Football will make his return.

“”Just a minor setback for a major comeback.” – Somebody” – Johnny Manziel

Now lets all take a moment, and remember the good days. The days when everything was simpler. I give you,  Johnny Fucking Football.

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