TBT: The Jets VS Bills Christmas Bowl AKA Screw The Colorblind

What non colorblind people saw:

What the colorblind saw:


Listen, Thursday Night Fooball is trash. We all know that. It is the worst Football of the week. They tell these teams to get healed up and prepared on a short week and the they make you wear these hideous uniforms. Oh by the way don’t forget that most of the time both of these teams are trash. But, because the NFL has me by the balls, I can not miss a single Thursday Night game. Because I am so addicted I can not help my self to watch tonights Bills vs Jets game.

Luckily for all the color-bindos out there, the NFL is doing such a nice thing and making the Jets wear their white uniforms. HOWEVER, they still going sell the green Color Rush jerseys in the pro shop.

Aww how considerate of them.  Kinda sucks though, the Bills play the Jets and the Patriots play the Dolphins this week. You know what that means. Someone else in our division HAS to win a game this week!!! Aww man, it was fun being the only team in the division with a win while it lasted.


P.S.- I refuse to write a blog about the Jets without ending in this clip.

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