Patriots Hang On Without Jimmy Garoppolo To Beat Dolphins 31 – 24

Well, that could have gone better. How about a tail of two halfs huh? First half we come out and the team is running on all cylinders. Then Jimmy goes down and we look like a totally different team, on both sides of the ball. We still to this point don’t know how bad Jimmy’s injury is. We have heard a wide range of shit. From that he might suit up for the game to he might be out months. Who fucking knows, which is probably just the way Bill wants it. So lets dive in.

Jimmy was on FIRE to start off this game!

Holy Subtweet….

But those stats are stupid. Imagine if Jimmy stayed in and kept it up. He would have guaranteed a $15+ million contract. I feel bad for the kid. He sat around and worked hard these last years, finally gets his chance during this small sample size, and he gets hurt.

I mean look at these throws. Jimmy was on FIRE!

Jimmy ended up with 234 yards going 18-27 with 3 (!!!!!) Touchdowns in a quarter and a half. I knew Garoppolo was going to be good, but no one thought he would be THIS good! I am going to go there. He looked like Tom out there….

Jimmy was moving great in the pocket, was going through his progressions, making the right decisions, and getting rid of the ball quick. Oh and he was chucking dimes. It is weird how Jimmy has quickly become the best Quarterback in the league. Is it possible to have 2 Quarterbacks on the same team make the Pro Bowl?

It is obvious that Jimmy has what it takes to be a very good Quarterback in this league which brings me to the point that I do not care, not at all, what we are offered for Jimmy this offseason in a trade, DO NOT DO IT!!! I do not care if the Browns offer you 5 first rounders. I can not stress this enough. There is nothing, NOTHING, more important in this league than a top 10 Quarterback. If Jimmy is as good as he looked so far this season, then that is what he is going to be. So once again, DO NOT TRADE HIM!! When his contract is up after next season, you franchise him. You do not let a guy like him leave, period.

Now back to the game, Jimmy G isn’t the only person who should be getting the praise after this game, ‘Josh McDaniels deserves an equal amount of love for putting together another excellent game plan, and for the way he used one play to set up another. On the Patriots’ first series, the entire offensive line down-blocked to the left, Garoppolo faked the handoff to LeGarrette Blount, Michael Bennett came up against the flow of the play, Garoppolo rolled to his right, and dumped the ball off to a wide-open Bennett, who scampered 26 yards (thanks to great blocks from Edelman and Chris Hogan).’ (Source)

Then later in the game on the same play Jimmy was able to read the defenders keying in on Bennett and threw it to Hogan. Great play design and unreal awareness from Garoppolo.

Then when Jimmy went down and Jacoby went in, McDaniels had to get even MORE creative. Creating easy throws designed to get targets wide open for Brissett to get the ball to his play makers. The the plays that they used to get Bennett open were amazing calls that worked perfectly. Here with the play action and also with the fake screen pass.

What the fuck happened to the Defense?! They were rolling in the first half and then pooped their pants in the second. What the fuck happened to the Defense that we were going to half to lean on these first 4 games? Everyone seemed to have a let down, except of course future Defensive Player of the Year Jamie Collins.

However, the Offense was able to pull it together and pull out the win for the Pats. You can credit this to the Offensive line and Blount. They were able to pull up their pants and play big boy football which is exactly what they couldn’t do Week 17 last year against this same Miami team. I think you can look at Scar for his improvement on the the blocking in this game. No Brady. No Gronk. No Jimmy? No Problem. Jacoby Brissett sets up the Blount TD. Sorry AFC East.

I was so surprised by Blount in this game that I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t a freezing December game in Foxborough. Because lets face it, the only time Blount is able to really run is when it is too cold for little corners to tackle a big dude like him. However, he was hitting the holes and running hard Sunday and I loved every second of it. He even got a little flashy on us. Air Blount!

It was a great win by this Patriots team who had to fall on to Jacoby Brissett to win them a game. Unreal. That’s why we are the Patriots and you are not. Thats why Bill is the best coach in the world and your coach isn’t. We have the 2 best Quarterbacks in the AFC East and it isn’t even close.

Listen, I said it last week and I am going to say it again. We are going 4-0. I don’t care if Brissett starts or if Jimmy starts, because there are some reports that say he might, we are winning Thursday.


Book it.

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