Jacoby Brissett Will Start Tonight VS Texans; Jimmy Garoppolo Will Backup

Oh boy, here we go! Another game, another Patriots Quarterback proving everyone wrong against the odds to get a win for our New England Patriots! What a weird fucking year. Who would have thought that Jacoby Brissett, 3rd round pick out of North Carolina State, would be starting for the Patriots this year. Unreal.

But hey, it’s Thursday Night Football. Everyone usually plays sloppy on Thursdays, so why can’t Jacoby go out there and pull off a win. Well, that is exactly what I think he will do. Jacoby is gunna go out there and tear up this Texans Defense all day.  Oh yeah and Gronk might be coming back.

Jacoby is gunna run the play action all day and kick Houstons ass. Book it.


Oh what is that? You want a Jacoby Brissett’s hightlight reel? Ugh fine here it is…

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