Paul Pierce: ‘This is it, my final season’

SOURCE–  This is it, my final season.

It’s time to move on from the game of basketball.

Just like any difficult decision, I think you’ve got to be at peace with yourself. I’m at peace with retiring, but I’ve got one more ride left. One more season. One more opportunity.

With the Clippers, in the city where I grew up, I feel like I have that opportunity on a great team. We’re hungry. We want to win a championship.

After 18 NBA years, it’s hard to believe I’ll be playing in each arena for the last time. So I’m going to enjoy every practice, every bus ride, every team dinner, every time running out through the tunnel. I’m going to do my part to give us a shot at the ultimate goal.


Well it is official. I now have a second favorite team for this season. Whenever the Celtics are not playing, I will be watching the Clippers and cheering on my guy, Paul Pierce. As much I liked the move when we traded away Paul and KG, it has hurt to see him play these last couple years in anything other than a Celtics uniform. And it is gunna really suck that he is going to spend his last season not playing on the parquet court. I know Doc already came out saying that Pierce will sign a one day deal to retire a Celtic, but I would have been a million times better if he played his last season in the Green unis.

Paul Pierce will always be remembered as a Champion here in Boston. He will always be the guy we remember leading that big 3 all the way to banner 17. You will be missed Paul. I wish you the best of luck for this year, and if the Celtics can’t win it all, I hope it is you that gets to win your 2nd ring.

Thank you for everything Truth.

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