Deflategate Is Finally Over. Brady’s Back.

What a glorious day. The leafs are falling off the trees, the weather is getting colder, and Tom Brady is once again the starting Quarterback of the New England Patriots. Everything is right in the world once again.

21 months. 21 long months have been taken up because the NFL pulled a witch hunt on the greatest Quarterback of all time. That snake Roger Goodell and the NFL tried so hard to prove that Tom Brady did a crime that he did not do. They tried SO hard and the best they could come up with is that more likely than not Tom Brady knew about it. Not that he did it. Not that he told someone to do it. Not even that he knew about it! But more likely than not he knew. But somehow, because Roger Goodell is a dictator who can do whatever he wants with no real proof, Tom Brady was fucked over by the league. You wanna talk about the integrity of the game? How about Goodell ruining the integrity of the league by going out and punishing a man with no evidence just because he wants too.

Listen, I am not here to rant. The NFL can do what ever they want because they make the rules, even how unjust they might be. I don’t know if they wanted to knock the Patriots down to give the league more parity, so they dock us a 1st and a 4th round pick and take away the greatest Quarterback of all time from us for 4 weeks. But guess what,

IT DOESN”T MATTER!!! The Patriots are still 3-1 and still lead the AFC East. If anything, Deflategate has helped the Patriots. Not only do we now know that Jimmy G is a real Quarterback, but so does the rest of the league. Tom Brady is not only rested, but pissed off. Anyone with a brain knows that Tom Brady is a billion times better when he gets pissed off. Brady is the ultimate competitor and I am actually scared for the rest of the NFL now that he is back. He is going to want to rip everyones head off. So get ready NFL, you are about to walk into storm. Because Tom Brady is coming and there is nothing you can do to stop him. #PrayForCleveland

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