Tom Brady Flashes His Super Bowl Rings During New Commercial

Listen, I am a sucker for anything with Brady in it. I am convinced I would sit through just about anything as long as it includes TB12 (hint hint Hollywood). But this comercial is a A+.

Honestly the best part about this ad is I can just imagine how it would make any other fan base squirm in their seats watching Tommy Boy showing off those 4 (FOUR) Super Bowl rings. I just wish I could show this ad in a movie theater in New York and just watch the reactions on everyones faces. That would be better than porn.

I feel so bad for the Browns this week. They are having enough trouble just trying to exist in this league, what did they do to deserve this? Of all teams they shouldn’t be Brady’s punching bag after his deflategate suspension. But hey, thats how the cookie crumbles. #PrayForCleveland

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