Patriots Murder Browns 33-13 In Tom Brady’s Return

What a night and day difference. Out goes Jacoby Brissett (who was injured) and in comes the greatest Quarterback to ever play the game, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady. And just like that we, are the best team in football all over again. (SPOILER ALERT FOR WEEK 5 POWER RANKINGS!) That game was exactly what I thought this team was going to look like when we brought in Bennett and Hogan. This offense is virtually unstoppable. Too many people to cover. The only way to stop them is to sack Tom, but good luck with our quick passing game.

When we look at this game, the name that pops off the score sheet is obviously Martellus Bennett. Holy shit 3 touchdowns?! And that was with Gronk playing like Gronk again!

Just a monster game for Bennett and a monster game for the passing game. Honestly, how do you cover Bennett and Gronk when they are out on the field together? They are 2 of the best catching and blocking Tight Ends in the league. Are the Patriots going to run it? Are they going to pass it? Could it be play action? Honestly the Patriots are going to be the most lethal when they go with the 2 TE sets and it is not even close. Tom is able to audible to practically any play he wants to change do with that personnel out on the field. Good luck trying to stop those two. You cover Gronk, Bennett is going to put up 3 TDs on you. You cover Bennett, well then Gronk is going to do Gronk things.

The best part about this game was it wasn’t just the two Tight Ends getting in on the action. James White played well with Brady back under center and the wide receivers played well doing whatever they wanted facing the Browns secondary. A big surprise during this game was Chris Hogan and his ability to stretch the field. Which is no small feat since it seems like he might be one of the only Patriot receivers with this ability on the outside.

If Hogan can stretch the field and open this Offense up just a little bit then then we are really cooking with fire. Good luck NFL.

The one thing I did not like about this game was the fact that we let up 2 touchdowns against the Browns. One to rookie Cody Kessler and one to long time backup, clipboard Jesus, Charlie Whitehurst. Not ideal when we have already have seen this Defense under perform from their preseason expectations. I am still not ready to change those expectations, but if they keep it up, that might be something we might have to come to realize.

So after 5 weeks the Patriots are looking pretty at 4-1. While this game was great to get our feet wet with Brady back at the helms, this week against the Bengals will tell us much more than the blow out against the Browns did. However, you have to like the Patriots chances in this game and in pretty much every game in the regular season. Thats right bitches, Brady is Back. Get ready for Week 2 of the Revenge Tour. We are on to Cincinnati.


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