Patriots Take Down The Bengals 35-17 In Brady’s Return To Gillette

Another Sunday, another win for the good guys. Tom Brady made his return to Gillette Stadium and it was a great one. He started off a little shaky, but turned it around in a big way. All he did was go for a cool 29-35 for 358. Not bad I guess. Decent numbers for a 39 year old coming back from some time off trying to shake the rust off.

The Offense played really well with Gronk going OFF for 162 yards and a touchdown. He was all over the place and looks back to the guy that is the best Tight End in the league.

What a catch and what a throw! Brady just fired it right between 2 defenders and Gronk being Gronk held on to it. This guy is unstoppable when healthy, and luckily for us he looks like he is firing on all cylinders again. The Patriots reeeally must have liked that play because they scored 3 Touchdowns with it. The other 2 TDs would be scored by James White coming out of the backfield and walking in to the end zone.

The Bengals were exposed as the bad team that they are. They had no adjustments to stop the Patriots and got tooled on by Brady because of it. How are every team in the NFL so bad these days. NFL coaches just oblivious. So many bad coaches I truly don’t get it.

While the Offense played well in this game, once again the Defense looked shaky. Something is not right with Malcolm Butler. He has to be hurt or something because while he is still putting up good numbers, he doesn’t look right out there. The Defense made Andy Dalton look really good which is not an easy thing to do….

While Jamie Collins was out in this game, the other Linebackers had to step up. Elandon Roberts played really well for the 2nd week in a row, however he had to leave the game after he was entered into the concussion protocol. To no surprise, Dont’a Hightower had a great game, including his 2nd safety in 2 weeks.

I talked about Offense and Defends so I might as well bring up Special Teams. God damn Stephen Gostkowski needs to get his head out of his ass. He missed an extra point in this game that didn’t affect the game but brings up bad memories of the AFC Championship game. This dude needs to get this under control and fast.


Overall it was a great win for the Patriots who will now get ready for a Big Ben less Steelers after his injury yesterday. It is too bad that he won’t be able to play next week because I really wanted to shut up all the people who think the Steelers are the Patriots biggest threat in the Conference. Patriots are going to win this week and win big. Book it.

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