Patrice Bergeron Returns To Practice After Bruins Start The Season Off Hot

What a day! Hockey is back! The B’s are 2-1! And Patrice Bergeron is once again playing for the Boston Bruins! I feel so full of life, so content with everything that is currently happening… And then I saw this tweet….

And just like that, I snapped back into the reality. Can someone please tell me what the fuck Ryan Spooner is doing on the 4th line? God dammit Claude! FIGURE IT OUT!

If you don’t know, Claude Julien benched Spooner in the end of the game vs the Jets on Monday. We all know Claude has very low patience with his younger players especially if they are struggling in the Defensive zone. But damn it Claude, Spooner is one of your better players. Get him out of your fucking dog house already! Listen, I am fine with bumping Spooner off the top 6 forwards if you want. Thats fine with me, but to stick him on the fucking 4th line as a winger is absurd. I like this Bruins team and I think they have a lot of guys with a lot of potential. However, I have no faith in Claude of bringing that potential out of them.

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