Patriots Roll Through Pittsburgh To Take Down The Big Ben-less Steelers 27-16

What an amazing world we live in. I would not give up being a Patriots fan for anything. It amazes me how you can win a game by double digits and people still consider the game close and say that the Patriots under performed. Listen, did the Patriots play their best game? Of course not. The defense didn’t get any pressure and our corners let up some big plays. Our Offense had a case of the drops and looked shaky at times. However, like good teams often do, the Pats were able to put it all together late in the game and come out of there with a great road win.

Lets get into the actual game. I first wanna start of with something that I truly do not understand even a little bit. Why, WHY do Quarterbacks continue to throw at Malcolm Butler in the red zone? Why? Like it makes 0 sense. By no means am I a football expert, however, if I was a Quarterback playing against the Patriots, I would probably throw the ball to legit anyone else than Butler when you are in the red zone. Idk maybe thats just me though.

And hold on, can we talk about Malcolm Butler stuffing Antonio Brown in a locker by mocking him here? BRUTAL!

The Offense struggled in this game especially in the passing game. We had drops, fumbles and Tom was getting a lot of pressure. One of the bright notes of the game though was the production from the Running Backs. James White continued to excel in the passing game as our main receiving back scoring his 3rd touchdown in back to back weeks.

LeGarrette Blount also put on a show against his former team rushing for a cool 127 yards and 2 touchdowns.

It was great to see Blount do so well yesterday which was probably his best game as a Patriot. He looked really quick and did a great job at cutting quickly to the edge and finding the opening that was there for him.

An area for concern in this game was how they were able to shut down our primary weapons for the majority of the game. Both of our Tight Ends Gronk and Bennett were shut down in the 1st half of the game. Once again, the Patriots did what they do best and adjusted at half time to game plan to get their All-Pro Tight End more involved and that is just what he did. Gronk made a bunch of clutch plays in the 2nd half including his huge 68th career touchdown.

Oh Gronk you animal you! Behave!!!!

All in all it was a great road win against a team I bet you we will see later this year. It probably would have been a closer game if Big Ben played but if we do play them again, it should be in Foxborough so I like our chances. Next week we get the chance to get some revenge on the Bills and I expect the Patriots to do just that with Brady under center. Hey Rex, we are comin for that ass.

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