What The Hell Is Wrong With Tuukka Rask?

This is what is on my mind today. For some reason, we have the Providence Bruin Goalie tandem in net for the B’s. For some undisclosed reason, Tuukka Rask is being held out for a 2nd straight game and backup Anton Khudobin is hurt and out for 3 weeks. Tonight we have Malcolm Subban starting with Zane McIntyre on the bench. What. The. Fuck.

Does anyone know what the fuck is going on here? Why is Tuukka being held out? They say it is general soreness but that is a lie. I’ve heard that he did something to his lower body during that season opener vs the Blue Jackets and that he aggravated it again in the home opener vs New Jersey. But why don’t they just say that? Why are they then hiding behind it being “general soreness”?

Whatever the reason is, I am officially nervous. To go  anywhere this season we are going to need Tuukka to regain his vezina trophy form and be a top goaltender in this league like the price tag he comes with. The fact that Subban is playing tonight scares the SHIT out of me. I think we all remember the last time he was called up….

Listen, I hope the kid has a good game tonight and shows us something, because so far investing a 1st round pick on this kid has looked like a bust.

On a side note, David Backes is also not playing tonight. He is being held out for a minor issue.

With all the bad news on the injury report, a little good news is that Adam McQuad has returned but it comes of the expense of now benching Joe Morrow, who I was impressed with the other day.

So if anyone knows anything on what the fuck is wrong with Tuukka please let me know because it is keeping me up at night. Tweet at me at @CaseyBake16

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