Patriots Get Their Revenge And Kill The Bills 41-25

Can we just give Tom Brady the MVP trophy now? Honestly, Brady has only played 4 games and has already locked up the MVP race.

THIS IS INSANE! 12 touchdowns with 0 interceptions. Honestly if Brady doesn’t win it this will be the biggest scam in the history of the NFL right? Brady looks better than ever before. How he looks better at the age of 39 I will never understand, but it is 100% true. He is the best player in the NFL by a mile. Brady couldn’t be stopped yesterday. He legit was able to do whatever when ever he wanted. He was threading the needle on short passes.

He was airing it out and dropping it into the basket on deep passes.

He was even effective running the ball and using his track like speed.

Brady played a near perfect game yesterday and showed us all why he is the best to ever do it. Everyone in the Offense was getting involved yesterday. Brady did an amazing job at spreading the ball around and finding the right guy. If I had to give the Offense a grade yesterday, I would say an A-. The reason why the minus is because I thought the Offensive line struggled. Brady got hit wayyyyy to much and our linemen really had troubles against this Bills front. The usually dependable Nate Solder reeeeaaallly struggled yesterday and it was obvious. Shaq Mason didn’t have a very good game. And I can not stand Marcus Cannon anymore. He cost the Patriots a giant play that had to come back because he fucked up and ran downfield. He is a bum. However, even with the line not playing well, Brady was able to get the ball out quick and extend plays with his legs and still had an amazing game.

I would not be doing my job if i did not talk about Gronk yesterday. Rob scored his 69th career touchdown yesterday which is a new franchise record.

This just goes to show that when healthy, Gronk is the best Offensive weapon in the game. He is just too big and too fast to cover. And thank god for the internet. Gronk scored his 69th touchdown in his home town Buffalo where his whole family was there too see. And guess what, his family reacted just as you would think they would.

Hands down best video on the world wide web.

The defense played ok, not great. Something needs to be figured out as that whole side of the ball is under performing big time.

All in all it was a great win and Rex Ryan summed it up pretty well after the game. The Patriots have already won the division. No one can catch up to them now. Unfortunately for us fans, the Pats have a bye next week and then we get to see them go up against one of their biggest games of the regular season vs Seattle. 8 wins down, 11 more to go.

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