Patriots Trade Jamie Collins To The Browns…


SOURCE–  In a surprising move, the winless Browns are buying right before the trade deadline.

Cleveland has acquired linebacker Jamie Collins from the New England Patriots in exchange for a third-round pick, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport confirmed. ESPN first reported the news.


Why. Please someone tell me why. This makes 0 sense. Jamie Collins is arguable one of our best defensive players. He might be important to have on our Defense if we are going to push for a championship. You just gave away our best Defensive play for nothing. Legit for nothing. We got a 3rd round pick. Guess what we would have gotten if we kept Jamie and then let him walk in free agency? A 3rd round pick. I am actually sick to my stomach.

Jamie Collins is one of the best linebackers in the league. By no means does getting rid of Jamie helps our team. Why would you make your team worst when you are the hands down favorite to win the championship? I do not care if he wanted Von Miller money. Keep him and let him walk. WE STILL GET A 3RD ROUND PICK!!!! God I hate this fucking deal so fucking much. Mark my words, this is going to hurt the team. This is a joke. This is legit the worst trade I have ever seen.

The Patriots are the stingiest mother fuckers I have ever seen. Remember when we were fine with letting Chandler Jones because then we could pay Collins, Hightower, and Butler? Remember? Ya me too. If we don’t win the Super Bowl this year it will be Bills fault.

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