Monday Morning Hangover: Folks, It Was A Tough Weekend.


I am not gunna lie, this weekend sucked. There is no way to sugar coat it. The Patriots bye week is always tough. You have to watch shitty football all Sunday. It was brutal. The NFL sucks. This is what the Patriots have done to me. Everything else in comparison is just inferior. Even some of the so called “good teams” yesterday just played like garbage. The Steelers got Big Ben back but still got destroyed. And then in the primetime game, the defending champs Bronco looked like shit. If THIS is what stands in the Patriots way to make it to the Super Bowl, then I am about to buy my ticket to Houston right now. The NFL is bad. There is a reason why the rating are down.

Like many Pats fans, I was looking forward to watching the other Boston sports this weekend while the Patriots were on their off week. The Bruins played Saturday and the Celtics played Sunday. It seemed like it would be a nice little schedule to help me cope without the Pats. Well, not only did both teams lose this weekend, but they were BLOW OUT.

The Bruins got man handled by the Rangers 5-2 where they seemed to have a little special teams problems. They let up 2(!!!!) short handed goals. How do you let up 2 short handed goals? Can we start declining penalties? Oh they tripped us? Oh no it’s ok we will just decline that thank you very much. Not only did they allow 2 shorties, but they also let up a power play goal. This team needs to figure it out and do it quick.

Then we look at the Celtics and what the did last night. THAT WAS HORRENDOUS! What the fuck happened to the team that was going to have the leagues best Defense?! Oh is that the same team that let up 77 first half points last night?! What the fuck is that? This is what I was afraid of with this Celtics team but didn’t wanna say it. With the way that this team started to get some respect in the media, I was afraid that they were going to think that they were better than they really were and would slack off on the Defensive zone. The chip on the shoulder that they have played with last season is now gone. And they need to get it back. If they don’t hustle and play good Defense this team is just not that good. Hopefully this embarrassing lose will wake them up. From the comments Isaiah was making last night, I think this might have done just the trick.

To sum it up, it was a pretty shitty weekend for Boston fans. Luckily for us, the Patriots are back this week and are actually playing a good team in the Seahawks. I said they were a good team, I never said it would be a good game. I think the Patriots will keep rolling and show this Seattle team. But it should at least be interesting. Lets all just be happy that this horrible weekend is over.

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