Celtics Get Blown Out Again To Wizards But I Am Not Nervous (Yet)

The Celtics suck right now. There it is, I said it. They are not playing well. They have lost their identity. They are playing horrible Defense and are letting teams put up stupid numbers on them. I say all of this, but am I worried? No. The reason why is because this is not the real Celtics out there. They are missing Jae Crowder and Al Horford. Both are major pieces to the Celtics and are both great defensively, which is really what the C’s are lacking right now.

It is really amazing how the intensity of the team drops so much with Jae Crowder missing. He is really the heart and soul of this team and they need his energy back on the court asap. Obviously the Celtics don’t have great talent, they play as a team and they need their full team to make this work.

Also, can we please trade for Nerlins Noel yesterday? I will drive to Philly right now and pick up the man myself. He is exactly what this team need right now. We need a rim protecter and more importantly SOMEONE WHO CAN FUCKING REBOUND!!! It is embarrassing how no one on this fucking team can rebound a basketball. No one. 5′ 9″ Isaiah Thomas was our leading rebounder last night… Something has to change. Apparently Philly has talked to Toronto about trading Noel for Cory Joseph and a 1st which is going to be a late 1st rounder. That seems like an asking price that the Celtics should be fine with paying for a starter that fills a big area of need.

They need to figure this out now and get Jae and Al back out there sooner rather than later because this is ugly. I am not worried yet, but something needs to be done before its too late.

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