Patriots Drop Super Bowl Rematch To Seahawks 31-24

Uncharacteristic. That is the best way to describe that game last night. A game where we let the Seahawks march down the field almost every drive and had too many stupid mistakes. Uncharacteristic.

The idea that we had at the beginning of the season that this Defense could be a top 5 Defense in the league looks laughable now. When you look at the players we shipped out in Chandler Jones, Jamie Collins, Dominique Easley, Akiem Hicks, all of these guys played major minutes for the Patriots last year. When you combine the lose of them with the struggles of guys expected to play well such as Jabaal Sheard, Logan Ryan, and more there is no surprise why this unit is struggling. What we saw last night was terrifying. Russell Wilson was able to do whatever he wanted last night. We couldn’t get to him even though they have one of the worst Offensive lines in football. The fact that we let a no name rookie Running Back tear us up is embarrassing.

Now lets talk about the Offense. Because besides LeGarrette Blount, no one really played that well. Obviously, Blount had a game last night. He had the hat trick and really was putting in the work getting those tough dirty yards.

Blount is having a nice career year and is leading the league in touchdowns with 12, not to shabby. But everyone else on Offense kinda sucked yesterday. But I guess thats what happens when you play a good Defense. Brady missed on a couple throws. He fumbled the QB sneak on the goal line. He threw a horrible interception. I am not going to stand over here and say Brady was bad, but it was his worst game of the season by far. Julian Edelman’s fumble can not happen. That really fucked us over when they were able to recover that ball and then march down the field and score on us.

Finally, lets talk about the goal line plays. Under a minute, game on the line, 1st and goal from the 3 yard line. Why not just hand it off to Blount who has been unstoppable on the goal line tonight? I mean he only dragged half of the Seahawks in the end zone on his last touchdown? Nope. QB sneak. Honestly, I hate the call. I get that they wanted to run down the clock and force Seattle to use their last time out. But there was no way that Brady was scoring there. None. They wasted a play because they were scared that Wilson would get the ball back and have a game winning drive. They played scared. We are the fucking Patriots, we should never play scared. I still can’t believe that Brady fumbled the ball on 3rd down. Like how do you do that? That is a rookie mistake, not a mistake that Tom Brady makes. But it was ok, because all we had to do was score on 4th down and it would be ok. Game on the line, 1 play left, you have Tom Brady on the 1 yard line, and they put the game in the hands of our best players on that fade to Gronk.

Obviously I think that was pass interference. I mean Gronk got legit pulled down on this play. If this wasn’t the crucial play in this game it gets called 100/100 times. But the refs didn’t want to hand the game to the Patriots, so they let it go. Listen, I am not going to cry about it. Yes, that should have been called. Yes the Patriots should have won, but guess what, it is Week 10. Let the Seahawks get all happy that they “got their revenge”. All I know is that we won the game that matters and that I know for a fact that we will be in the Super Bowl once again this year. So congrats Seattle, you won a regular season game.

We’re on to San Francisco.

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