Celtics Hand Pelicans Their 2nd Win Of The Season 106-105 Which Isn’t Great.


Listen I am not going to reblog this all over again. Yes, the Celtics lost. Yes, they lost to a bad team. Yes, they are still missing Jae Crowder and Al Horford. No, I am not worried. Yes, I am still embarrassed.

I don’t care who we were missing we should have not lost to the Pelicans. That team is sooooo bad. They have 1 player, Anthony Davis. That’s it. Everyone else is a bench player on any other team. We even guarded Davis pretty well! I don’t understand why the Celtics continue to play down to the competition. This is not new, we did this continually last season. Good teams can’t do that.

Listen I am not freaking out, we need Al and Jae back, sooner rather than later. It would be amazing to get them both back by Friday when we play the Warriors but I get the feeling that Jae won’t be ready. Hey, Jaylen had a big game when he was up against LeBron, maybe he will step up against Durant. But that is just my Kool-aid kicking in.

I think everything will be fine once we get everyone back, but still think we need to make a move. I want Nerlens Noel, bad. He is a guy that is 100% available and a guy that wants to be in Boston. Supposedly the asking price from that rumor to Toronto is Cory Joseph and a 1st, which would be a late 1st. We have plenty of assets to go out and get that guy, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t.

The Celtics need to get healthy and to get back going before it is too late.

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