Brad Marchand Does An Amazing Interview: From Pest To One Of The Best

God I love this man. Everything about him makes him a perfect Bruin. These are the guys I want on my hockey team. Not because he is one of the best players in the league. No, because he is the type of guy you hate to play against and love to play with. The kind of guy that puts it all out there and skates his ass off. The kind of guy who will get under players skin and can change a game. Listen, I fell in love with the way Brad Marchand plays hockey ever since his rookie season. I used to play hockey back in the day and as a smaller player, I would try to emulate my game after Marchy.

What is there not to like? He has silky mitts, can bury the puck, and is relentless out on the ice. He is the kind of player that goes out and makes the hustle plays, every Boston fan knows what I am talking about.

However, I can 10000% understand why anyone who isn’t a Bruins fan would hate this guys guts! I believe a wise man named James Franco put it best.

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